Are You Ready For Some Football!!!


We have a GREAT opportunity!  Single Volunteers will have a concession stand during all the Cleveland Browns Events (all 12 of them).  This gives us a wonderful way to make big bucks for our Single Volunteer charities (possibly $13,000 - $15,000 for the season).


  • 40 Volunteers Needed

  • Great Opportunity to Help SV Charities (St. Augustine Hunger Center Monthly Meal Project, Domestic Violence Center Monthly Meal Project, Lend A Hand Food Pantry... to name a few).

  • We can now make a bigger impact on community

  • Help us by working at Concession Stand for 4-5 Events

  • Working and Having Fun Together


Training will be required and scheduled for each volunteer.  Training Dates to be published soon.   SEE DETAILS BELOW - AND Read about TRAINING SESSIONS on the Browns Sub-Tab on this site!


To Volunteer contact:

Debbie Kean  -  (216) 534-7024

Email:  -  Provide name, email, and phone


If you could work at least one NIGHT event we'd appreciate it!!




                         BROWNS EVENT SCHEDULE


·       AUG 13 , THURS     8:00 PM  *  WASHINGTON REDSKINS

·       AUG 20, THURS      8:00 PM  *  BUFFALO BILLS


·       SEP  5, SAT                5:25 PM  LUKE BRYAN:  KICK THE DUST UP TOUR

·       SEP 20, SUN             1:00 PM  *  TITANS

·       SEP 27, SUN             1:00 PM  *  RAIDERS

·       OCT 18, SUN           1:00 PM  *  BRONCOS

·       NOV 1, SUN            1:00 PM  *  CARDINALS

·       NOV 30, MON         8:30 PM  *  RAVENS

·       DEC 6, SUN              1:00 PM  *  BENGALS

·       DEC 13, SUN            1:00 PM  * 49ERS

·       JAN 3, SUN              1:00 PM  *  STEELERS                      

DETAILS - May 28, 2015 (Updated 6/11/15):


ORIENTATION TRAINING:  Training is required for all volunteers; includes guest services requirements, food safety, alcohol compliance and cash register usage.  The Sessions are broken into 2 Sessions.  Session 1 is Alcohol Training; Session 2 involves Register and Operational training.  Training sessions are held weekdays, weekday nights or Saturdays.  See the Browns Sub-Tab, on this site, for dates.  If you were certified last year in Alcohol Training you may not have to attend Session 1 - Contact Debbie for Details.  You must attend one training session of Session 2 in order to volunteer at the Brown's concession stand events.


GAME/EVENT DAY:   All volunteers will arrive 4 hours prior to kickoff, two hours for setup and inventory - and two hours to service guests as they enter before game/event.  Allow for 1 or 2 hours post game/event for clean up and inventory.   Exception:  Allow 2-1/2 hours lead time for 'events' - non-game days.


MISCELLANEOUS:  You will get into each event for Free; however, you will be working inside a concession stand and will probably not be able to see any of the event on the field.  You should prepare to stand most, if not all, of the event.


PARKING:  Parking for events is off-site - $4 with jitney service.  Rapid Transit runs in morning on game days.  Parking on street is available - first come first served.


DRESS REQUIREMENTS:  Shirt and hat will be provided to all Volunteers.  Dress in layers for cold weather.  Wear tennis shoes.  Shirt and hat must be returned at the end of the season.


MEAL:  Meal Ticket provided during the event.  Volunteer may eat before gates open to the public.  Ticket includes:  hotdog, chips and soda.  You may also bring your own food; but must be eaten before gates open!


More details will be provided as they become available.


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