Training Information:


SESSION 1 - Alcohol Service Certification - Approximately 1-1/2 Hours Long

Please let me know which session you will attend.  If you attended training last year at the Indians Volunteer Training Session please let us know ASAP.  You 'might' be able to qualify, using last years certification, and not have to attend a new session.  Remaining, and last dates, are:


  • August 1st (Saturday) at 3:00pm – please have volunteers arrive by 2:45pm  (OR)

  • August 8th (Saturday) at 1:00pm – please have volunteers arrive by 12:45pm


SESSION 2 - Micros (Register System) and Operational Training:

  • Sunday August 2nd, 9 am    (OR)    

  • Saturday August 8th,  11 am


You need to be at training session 15 minutes before the start time.  PARKING IS FREE FOR TRAINING ONLY:

First Energy Stadium  -  WEST GATE ENTRANCE - on West 3rd Street.  Parking at Port Authority Lot for "Training Only" - next to Stadium.



  • From 9th Street – Take Erieside Avenue - go past Rock and Roll, Science Center – past Browns Stadium.  Take it all the way down to West 3rd Street.

  • Make a RIGHT onto West 3rd Street.

  • You'll now be at the corner of the Browns Stadium (on your right).

  • Go past Port of Cleveland Main Gate (on your left).

  • The WEST GATE Door (to Training) will be on your right.

  • The next empty lot on your left, you can pull in and park (Port of Cleveland Lot).

  • Walk back to the WEST GATE Entrance – through the black security door.








We need more volunteers for the first two events (Aug 13 and Aug 20) as well as the last two events (Dec 13 and Jan 3).

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